Illinois fake ID card Illinois fake ID card

Illinois fake ID card

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Holography is one of the most prominent security features in Illinois. Under different lighting conditions, different characters can be seen, with the most prominent being the skyline of Chicago and the words “Illinois” in the middle.
On the front of the fake ID card in Illinois, there is a large Illinois state seal printed in blue ink. This seal is a part of the background, located below all text and ID images with photos. The national seal is surrounded by a red ribbon composed of four rings.
At the top of the small image, you can see the shape of Illinois formed by laser perforation.
On the right side of the Blue State Seal, you can find Abraham Lincoln’s black and white microprint design to commemorate this great president who entered the hearts of people around the world from Illinois.
Microtext is visible throughout the entire edge of the card.
At the bottom of the card, you can see the Illinois State Capitol Building, and on the left is the map of Illinois. A ribbon runs through the middle of the building.
The upper left corner of the card shows the cardholder’s date of birth.
At the top, there is a scannable two-dimensional barcode and QR code used to identify cardholder information.
Placing a fake Illinois ID card under ultraviolet light will expose a top hat on Abraham Lincoln’s head. Lincoln is known for his tall hat, which has been incorporated into the design to pay tribute to the great president cherished by the people of Illinois.
A green ribbon runs through the middle of the hat, connecting the left and right sides of the card. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, the skyline of Chicago shines with a yellow light, which proves how proud the people of Illinois are of their state.
Above the small image is the yellow font “Secretary of State”.
On the back of the card, a yellow ghost can be seen. The holder’s date of birth is located on the right side of the image.

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