Fake ID For Online Verification: Is it Possible?

  1. Purpose for Fake ID Verification Online
  2. Methods of ID Verification Available
  3. Victims of Fake ID Verification Process
  4. How do they use a fake ID to verify?
  5. Conclusion

The increase in use of fraudulent identity cards forces researchers to find the best solution immediately. At a certain point, they find that AI or Artificial Intelligence can solve this problem. Facial recognition is one of the reasons why experts develop Artificial Intelligence or AI.

Using advanced technology, people can identify and verify a person using facial features. You don’t even need a real face only to identify a specific person. AI can detect the identification of a person by only analyzing the person’s image or video. 

We found an interesting discussion about whether you should provide your real identity or use fake IDs when you want to use a service. Some people feel not safe because they have to open their personal information to an organization that doesn’t have that safe impression.

For instance, if you want to open an account to use a service from a restricted country. In that condition, your identity maybe used against the national security. It is also the same as breaking your privacy right. If that happens, that could also bring more problems. In this example, fake IDs might be necessary.

However, you can only use it on a service that is not too essential for your life. For example, you can use scannable fake IDs to open an account for a game service. That won’t give you a problem. As for banking and financial options, we recommend using a real ID. Make sure you also choose a reputable organization for that.

Purpose for Fake ID Verification Online

The pandemic forced many institutions and organizations to change how they operate. They are now depending more on the online or digital system. It means they have to accept clients by using an online system. And, it could be a hole or chance that some people use to scam and make an illegal move by using a fake ID. 

Methods of ID Verification Available

  1. ID card verification – The institution uses the KYC process to check the ID validity and originality. It will scan all elements in the card. It is necessary to ensure if it is the real one issued by the government.
  2. Face identification – This process matches the photo on the ID card to the person that uses that ID. Furthermore, the system also matches that person’s face with the database, to ensure that person is not a criminal that could use the financial system for a bad thing.
  3. Document verification – You may think this method is an old method. But, it is still necessary because the physical form of the identity will show more information that you need to verify with the KYC method.
  4. Biometric verification – The method is an act to match the biometric sign of the person that wants to open the account with the other identification document, such as a driving license or passport. 

Victims of Fake ID Verification Process

Even though the KYC process has been used in various systems to ensure identity validity, there is still an effort to use a fake ID to enter that system.

1. Cryptocurrency & Fake IDs

One of the worst examples is cryptocurrency sites. This system is all online. So many people see it as a vulnerable system they can attack easier with a fake ID.

The method is also surprisingly, quite easy. They buy verified cryptocurrency accounts from the dealer on the black market. Then, they can use that to trade and make more money with cryptocurrency. The price for that fake but verified account is also not that expensive. You only need to pay $200 to get that verified account for your cryptocurrency trading.

When we say verified, that account is truly verified. However, the provider of that account uses other people’s identification to verify it or a fake ID to get the verification. They often pay other people to open the account to bypass the KYC process. Once they can do and verify it through the KYC process, they will sell that account.  

It seems tempting. You can trade without thinking about how your identity will be spread and known by other people. However, you also need to know the risk here. It could happen when your account faces any trouble. The administrator can stop any access to that account to protect the money in it. To open and use that account again, you should provide fake ID for verification. That crypto account is where the problem occurs.

When you bought it from a broker that uses other people or fake IDs to verify that account, your identity won’t match that account owner. Thus, you can’t open and use that account again. It will be a problem if you use that account for a long time. Worst of all, you even save a lot of money from trading in that account. That means you are unable to get or use your money.

2. Social Media & Fake IDs

Other than cryptocurrency, many people also use fake IDs to verify their social media accounts. As we all know, to ensure that your social media account is real and verified, you need to use your real identity to verify it. It is an obligation that all social media account owners should comply with. 

Many people complain about this matter. They see it as an unnecessary rule and only break their privacy and freedom. However, it is necessary to ensure that there are fewer fake accounts that spread irresponsible information that can harm other people. It also ensures that the social media account you have can’t be copied by other people to use for criminal acts or illegal activity.

How do they use a fake ID to verify?

First of all, it is a very risky move because today’s banks and other institutions have high-tech equipment that supports their verification process. You also can find it on their online service. Therefore, it is almost impossible to use fake IDs to verify your bank account.

However, many people are still doing that. They purchase very expensive fake IDs from famous fake ID makers. The fake IDs have even looked like the real ID with all security elements in it, including barcode, hologram, and other elements. Then, they also prepare other documents, which are also forgery; to make sure the fake IDs are acceptable.

The question here is only one. Where did they do that dangerous fake ID verification act? Those fake ID users find the bank or financial institution that is still using the traditional method to verify their client’s identity. That financial institution doesn’t even have any high-tech device to do that. Furthermore, they also didn’t use the KYC process. The simple application and verification process makes them vulnerable to fake IDs. 

Surprisingly, there are still many banks that accept fake IDs without proper investigation using the KYC process. They are not only allowing the fake IDs user to open an account. Those banks even issue credit cards, debit cards, and other services for that client. 
However, once they find out that you used fake IDs, they will freeze your bank account. They tell you to send them the real ID to match with the ID you use to open the account. In the worst case, the authority could take a look at your account. If they found a serious law-breaking act, you will get more problems.


The process of recognizing faces using AI involves AI algorithms and Machine Learning. The algorithm will analyze the eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, nostrils, and iris. The system uses the data to validate that it is a human face. Then, the AI algorithm recognizes the face using four different techniques, which are featured-based, appearance-based, knowledge-based, and template matching. 

It reveals all information about someone, so it can provide the safest method to open an account. This method also minimizes the chance of financial crime. But it also has a negative side, which you also should consider. Now, decide whether you use fake IDs for verification or not after you know the risk and other things about this process.

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