Neutral Area (Port)

In havehands there is always allowed pvp rules, but there is only one SAFE AREA which players can meet without fear of being killed, this place is the neutral port.

in each city there is a gate that will take you to the port, this gate can be used only in own city, this will also apply to the return


In the port you will find a central market, with all vendors, the unique vendors you will find here are:
Stonecrafter, Glassblower and Sea Market Tavern Keeper(from which you can buy all the fish for magical fish pies)


The port is the only place where you can find the Autcioner, if you want sell or buy rare items this is the easiest way.

that's not all, at the port you will find the time coin reward stone and the silver reward stone where you can buy ethereal mount and fantastic costume.

how to obatin time coins and silver will be the topic of another discussion


Last but not the least at the port you will find Hawkwind and all the other npc necessary to complete the Skill of Maestries


In the future there will be the possibility of adding other exclusives to the neutral port, stay tuned and enjoy HaveHands Ultima Online shard.

Good Fun,
Have Hands Staff