How to Play


1.  Download the UOHH Client (extract it wherever you like).

2.  Download UOSTEAM or if you prefer Razor Enhanced and connect to UOHH.


3. Download Enhanced-Map UOHH  (the folder is pre-installed, extract it where you prefer and start the program, you can find the detailed map of Have Hands Shard with the descriptions of the doungeons and the various cities). Requied NET Framework 4.6.2

4. At the first access enter your username and password, your account will be created automatically (do not forget the credentials because it will no longer be possible to recover them), it will be possible to create 1 character per account. You will be able to create 6 different accounts. This decision was made in order to allow all of your characters to interact simultaneously in the game.


5. Once you have created your character, you will appear in front of 4 stones, select the one of the city you want to belong to and enter the respective gate to transport yourself there (this choice cannot be changed in the future).


Good Fun,
Have Hands Staff