In the world of HaveHands from immemorial time there are 4 cities fighting each other for the domination of one over the other.
When a son of havehands is born, whether human or elf, he has the opportunity to choose the city in which to place his faith and loyalty, aware that he will have to defend it from the others.


BRINA: the Snowy City, built in the far north by its inhabitants, is characterized by the most skilled workers in the whole kingdom, whose merchandise is coveted all over the world. In addition to skilled blacksmiths, it is famous for venerating Odin, God of all gods and the most powerful, who make physical strength and brave his virtue.

AL SAHIM: City in the sand, built in the far south, its inhabitants are tenacious warriors and used to survive in hostile environments such as the desert full of dangers, they are very quick and skilled traders, but if they do not consider us much to steal this they want or kill if the deal go wrong.
They worship Antares and defend his tomb even at the cost of their lives.


STORMHOLD: City of forests, built in the center of the kingdom surrounded by nature, its inhabitants are mainly noble and royal elves, famous for having a special feeling with the nature and creatures to be tamed.
They worship Elrond, lord of all elves, the great intelligence is the characteristic of the inhabitants of this millenary city (it will be the oldest).


URUGH: Swamp city, built in the Far East, its inhabitants live in the wild, they are dirty and brutal; it is known how one becomes aware of their presence due to their stench before being able to see them. Bloodshed is their main entertainment.
They do not have a true God, but rituals and the law of the strongest, every 7 moons they stay in a circle around 2 brave warriors who challenge each other to a fight to the death. whoever wins pulls out a tooth from the bloodless body and adds it to his necklace.
the most feared and strong warriors have dozens of teeth in their necklace.

HaveHands philosophy is that of equal opportunities between new and veteran players.

All players, in a short time, must have the same chances of winning both in PVM and in PVP, remember that PVP is possible everywhere except at the port.

We tried to create gameplay that rewarded players' skills rather than the equipment they wear.

For this reason we have eliminated from the equipment all those properties that made it too strong, it will not be possible to find in the loot Hitmanaleech, Hitstaminaleech, Hitlifeleech (you can only have these properties by crafting with runic tools with a cap of 20%).

To facilitate the obtainment of the runic tools will be obtainable both with the classical method of the B.O.D. and by PvM, so you can get into it faster with a bit of luck.

All attribute regeneration properties have been removed (these stats are only obtainable by owning our custom artifacts after defeating kingdom bosses).

In addition to the attributes of weapons and armor we also decided to eliminate several skills that we thought were too strong and that made the game flat, simple and repetitive.
On HaveHands Shard you will not find: Bushido, Ninjitsu, Imbuing, Mysticism, Throwing, Spellweaving

The ability to use recall and similar spells has been disabled throughout the map, and we have also increased the mana cost of Teleport to prevent it from being spammed in PvP

The only races that can be selected during character creation will be Humans and Elves, it will not be possible to create Gargoyle characters.

Just havehands and fun!

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The whole map is sprinkled with creatures (Elite).
They are the enhanced versions of the original creatures, if you manage to kill them, with a bit of luck, you will find chests that can contain the color pigments, and recipes.


It is also possible to obtain, directly inside your backpack, different decorative artifacts to make your home unique!

In the kingdom you can try to face different bosses, minichampions and champions, which will allow you to obtain unique Artifacts.

Since it is not possible to use spells to move around the kingdom, there are several public moongates that facilitate your travel and return to your home city.

We have also set up a neutral area where it will be possible to live with all the inhabitants of the kingdom and access our customized vendors and our stones to collect unique prizes.

The economy among the players of the kingdom is managed by our auctioneer.
You will find it in the center of the neutral port.

It will be possible to sell or buy items by making an offer or by buying it right away.


Also through our Silver Stone, powered by silver coin, which you will earn by killing players of other Town or by buying them directly from the Banker you can buy costumes to blend in.

Or buy ethereal mounts through our Time Stone, powered by Time Coin, you will earn 1 Time Coins for every minute spent Online.

Again through the Antares Stone, powered by Antares Orbs, you can obtain different Tokens with unique bonuses (the Antares Stone is located at the entrance of Antares's Pyramid doungeon. The stone accept only "Orbs" that you can obtain by defeating pyramid Bosses.)


Good Fun,
Have Hands Ultima Online Shard.