Have Hands Shard is a free shard and intends to remain so forever. It will not be possible to purchase items with real money in any way. The HaveHands project was born with the sole purpose of having fun creating something new, with passion and a deep love for this timeless MMORPG.
After this brief but fundamental premise, on this page you will find all the elements related to the business un have hands shrads.


Location: "Neutral Port"

The Auction system is active on Have Hands Shard, making the classic vendors of users obsolete. In the NEUTRAL PORT you will find an NPC called "The Auctioner" through him you will enter a menu that will allow you to sell or buy any item by setting the auction base, the reserve price or the "buy now" price through The Autioner you will see everyone the items to sell or buy for all players on Have Hands Shard.
Classic private vendors have been removed from the game.


Time Rewards

Location: "Neutral Port"

Time is the most precious thing we have and therefore we have decided to reward every minute you spend on Have Hands with 1 Time Coin. With the Time Coins you have earned you can redeem a fantastic prize by inserting the coins into the Time Stone located at the NEUTRAL PORT


Silver Rewards

Location: "Neutral Port"

Have Hands is a FULL PVP shard, the map is purposely scaled down, and you will share the same points of interest with your enemies. Each time you kill an enemy with a higher rank than yours, you will earn Silver Coins. However if you are not a PVP lover you can buy Silver Coins directly from any Banker NPC. With these coins you can redeem special prizes at the Silver Stone, located at NEUTRAL PORT


Good Fun,
Have Hands Staff